Activities to Do When Recovering from Addiction

Activities to Do When Recovering from Addiction

Consider this: in the year 2011 alone, addiction has hit approximately 20.6 million Americans. While their addiction ranges from smoking and alcohol to substance abuse, the prevalence of addiction remains. Some of the incidences are even expected to triple in the span of 20 years. The same report also says many of these victims to addiction have perished from a drug overdose, admitted for emergency care, or suffered mental illnesses.

But not everything is grim. For all of us in the recovery center in Simi Valley, California, we have seen the effective and long-term yields of rehabilitation, which puts a complete stop to these kinds of addiction. That’s what we’re advocating and working for at Paradise Cove Recovery Center.

Because of this hope open for every person with addiction, we would like to share these recommended activities so that the road to recovery continues to go up. It’s important to realize that fully recovering from our addiction is an everyday and all-of-life process. Any day of the year, the temptation to yield again will come. When you’re not prepared to stop yourself, the risks are even higher. So after your substance abuse treatment in California, work on developing productive activities such as the following recommendations:

  • Engage in the Creative Arts

    Every person with an addiction has unique circumstances and sets of reasons why they have gone through addiction in the first place. It may even be difficult to fully identify what made the person get stuck in the long run. However, it’s very crucial for the recovering person to have a dependable outlet of their journey. This way, a sense of accountability can be established, and they will gain a stronger resolve in pursuing complete recovery.

    The creative arts provide exciting options to let out the struggles of recovery. One can write, sing, or dance about their journey, which can inspire others in return. The creativity they inject in the process helps them to gain a fresh perspective of what they’ve been through, which increases the resolve not to engage with them again.

  • Exercise

    Not only are physical activities beneficial for the overall health, but it is also known to help release the endorphins to promote a happy feeling. For this reason, workout enthusiasts always find it relieving afterward to have released their stress and toxins through exercise sweat. The same principle can be adopted by people recovering from addiction. Doing daily exercises for the rest of their lives helps them to get diverted to a new focus, and this time, to a healthier one.

  • Volunteer

    Whether your rehabilitation has been in a residential facility or not, fully recovering from addiction will give you that sense of purpose. Now that you’re in the light, it can help you to be more practical in helping others to also turn their back from that darkness. This sense of purpose is another empowering activity to fully put an end to addiction.

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