Addiction Recovery: 5 Tips on How to Prevent Relapse

Addiction Recovery: 5 Tips on How to Prevent Relapse

It can be hard for any recovering addict to quit their addiction. It requires a strong desire to change, turn over a new leaf, and come out to the society as a productive individual.

After going through substance abuse treatment in California, one cannot deny the fact that relapse is possible. Relapse happens when the recovering addict goes back to addiction even after such treatment.

How does one prevent relapse? Here are some of the tips that Paradise Cove Recovery Center can provide:

  1. Avoid people who use drugs or abuse substances.

    Once you have decided to turn away from a life of addiction, you also made the decision to turn away from the people who brought you there. If your friends have enticed you to abuse drugs or any other addictive substance, you will need to avoid them. Getting close to people who abuse drugs or substances who you may have considered as friends can be a trigger for you to get back to your old life.

    Change your social circle. You might want to try joining community clubs or other groups. Just make sure that the new people you are dealing with are also not into drug or substance abuse.

  2. Avoid places where you used to do drugs or abuse substances.

    Certain places are often used as drug dens. If you have frequented these hangouts before, make sure to avoid them after your treatment. It can be tempting to visit these places. But, if you are serious in your recovery, divert your attention.

  3. Consider residing in a sober living home.

    A change in your residential setup can also be great. You might want to consider residing in a sober living home. This type of home is specifically focused on providing shelter to those recovering addicts.

  4. Attend your follow-up appointments regularly.

    During these appointments, tests such as blood tests may be conducted to check if you have used illegal substances during your recovery. Make sure to attend every appointment so you will also have a sense of responsibility over your life.

  5. Take medicines prescribed to you by your doctor, if there are any.

    Your doctor may prescribe medications for your addiction recovery. Take note what these medicines are and take them as scheduled and as prescribed.

If you or a loved one needs help in recovering from addiction, we invite you to our recovery center in Simi Valley, California. We offer various recovery programs for you. Call us now!

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