Getting Treatment: Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Program


Time is of the essence – when someone you know is ready to make a change in their life and leave their bad habits behind, do not delay this motivation, for every single second counts when they want to get away from their destructive ways.

Before choosing a substance abuse treatment in California, make sure to ask these questions so you can put any treatment program to your friend’s advantage:

  • Do They Have Licensed Health Professionals?

    The sole purpose of coming to the aid of a treatment program is to lead a healthier and happier life. Health professionals need to work closely with substance abuse cases since they can monitor any progress or relapse of an individual, and they can also provide placebo treatment that will mimic and guide an individual to slowly turn away from previously used substances. The need for a licensed health professional in a recovery center is considerably valuable because they can keep residents safe and well adjusted to any individualized programs that will better suit their needs.

  • Is Their Treatment Program Flexible?

    Every individual has different recovery needs and it would be ideal to choose a recovery center in Simi Valley, California that works around the convenience of the individual on where they want to receive treatment and how they want to have their treatment. Flexibility in recovery makes it less hard for an individual to undergo and it embraces their human flaws that though they are in this process, they are doing it to make their lives better. The flexibility in treatment should also go along with the changing needs of the person and that it should not be a cookie-cutter solution that if it worked for one person in the beginning, it will work on all of them throughout the program – it should never be that way.

  • Is the Program Period Enough?

    Since all of our programs are individualized, it is a great comfort to our clients that they have enough room for a Recovery in Paradise. Treatment should not be rushed and there should be a clear and factual effect on the individual to strengthen them in times of weakness. It is only through persistence that a journey becomes a lasting road to change for individuals who want to have a complete life makeover.

Make sure you ask these questions before you sign up a friend or family member for a treatment program. Getting the right information will lead them to effective recovery plans.

If you are currently looking for a treatment program for your friend or loved one, contact Paradise Cove Recovery Center for a personalized treatment assessment today.

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