Helping a Loved One with Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Helping a Loved One with Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Drug or alcohol addiction has negative repercussions on the person’s life. It can destroy personal relationships with family members and friends. At the same time, it can also affect their studies, jobs or careers.

What do you do when your own loved ones have drug or alcohol addiction?

  • Warning Signs to Watch Out For

    There are several warning signs that can tell you if your family member needs detox to cure their addiction. These warning signs include:

    • Neglecting their responsibilities at home, at school or at work
    • Neglecting their personal hygiene and appearance
    • Becoming more irritated and less social
    • Stealing money to buy drugs
    • Doing dangerous activities when under the influence of drugs
  • Where to Start

    If your relative personally asks for your help in finding a residential treatment program for addiction, that is a good start. This means that they are willing to change.

    If your loved ones resist change, try to convince them to see a doctor or mental health professional. Many addicts are afraid to go to the doctor or mental health professional. This fear stems from their fear of being judged by others.

  • Choosing a Treatment Center

    It is important to choose the right recovery center in Simi Valley, California. You have to check which treatment programs they are offering. They should be reputable and capable of providing treatment for your loved ones.

    If possible, visit the treatment center with your loved ones. This way, they will have an idea as to what they can expect from going through treatment programs.

  • Giving Support to Your Loved Ones

    Going through treatment can be challenging for those you love. That is why they need your full support in this situation. Never judge them. While addiction is a bad thing, your loved ones are not bad people.

    Once they complete the training, help them rebuild their lives. One way to do so is to encourage them not to see old friends who are into drugs. This will help keep them away from temptation, thereby reducing the risks of relapse.

Paradise Cove Recovery Center offers a number of treatment programs for your loved ones. We make sure to understand their situations. This way, we can provide the best treatment that they need for recovery. Call us for your inquiries.

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