How Good Nutrition Aids Addiction Recovery

How Good Nutrition Aids Addiction Recovery

Do you have a loved one who is already making great progress in recovering from addiction? Even if they’re still in the beginning stages of experiencing recovery in Paradise, know that progress is on sight as you continue to give out your complete support.

To further boost their recovery, ensure that their nutrition is also well-met. According to, nutrition often takes the last slot when it comes to complete recovery from addiction. The prominent considerations typically include preventing relapse, counseling sessions, and gaining support. However, nutrition is just as essential as every element of addiction recovery.

Consider these:

  • Good Diet Energizes the Body

    According to dietician Kurry Friedell, lack of nourishment can prevent a person from fully participating in their recovery activities. Eating healthy foods every time cleanses the body from harmful toxins, which helps promote the feel-good hormones. In addition, the consumption of addictive substances such as drugs and alcoholic beverages can result in decreased appetite, consequently depriving the body of healthy nutrients. When this is the case, the person will either grow malnourished or resort to binge-eating.

  • Unhealthy Diet has Physical Consequences

    When you don’t eat healthy especially on the road to recovery, physical manifestations such as headaches and drowsiness occur. These are also similar symptoms of withdrawal. So when the recovering person is not eating well, it’s not very easy to distinguish whether they’re just going through withdrawal syndrome or simply hungry. Meeting nutritional requirements greatly aid in more efficient recovery.

  • Substance Abuse Increases Malnutrition

    As earlier mentioned, the risks of malnutrition are high for people who are into addiction. This is because they seem to find fulfillment and satisfaction in what they’re addicted to. For many substance abuse victims, feelings of discomfort can be numbed by illegal drugs, and this makes eating less appealing. As a result, the body doesn’t get the healthy nutrients it deserves, which delays the recovery process even more.

  • Well-balanced Meals Increase Strength

    When you’re receiving treatment in a recovery center in Simi Valley, California, it’s very important to include balanced meals in your daily diet. When the meals you eat contain necessary nutrients that your body needs, you will have gained further physical strength, which increases your ability to pursue activities that promote the recovery process. The energy that fills your body no longer comes from the source of addiction, but from healthy substances that help you to do healthier activities.

With good nutrition, even detox treatments can be more manageable for persons on recovery. However, food intake must still be monitored as rehab patients can also be prone to the other extreme, which is overeating, and this can also lead to other health complications. Upon recovery, nutrition and well-balanced meals remain to be essential elements towards complete recovery.

At Paradise Cove Recovery Center, you have a trusted partner in helping your loved one find their path to complete recovery from their addictions. If you want to ask us about our facility, contact us.

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